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Future Mobile Phones will tout Samsung's OLED Screens


Written on 4/20/2009 04:27:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, if you've read my Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra Review, you'll know that I'm TOTALLY amazed by the screen quality of this mobile phone. The Samsung Tocco Ultra touts the latest AMOLED screen technology and as if I haven't said this enough, it really does feel like you have a mini HDTV on your hands.

Anyways, according to Samsung Mobile Display's report, OLED screens will be on half of all mobile phones within the next five years as well as digital cameras and portable players. It's not actually far-fetched. Nokia is already implementing OLED Screen technology on some of their devices especially their stylish Prism line and Samsung already has it on their S8300 as well as their upcoming i8910i.

So once other mobile phone manufacturers can see just how good OLED screen looks on their device, I'll say maybe it would soon be possible in three years time.

Via: OLED Info

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  1. Greg |

    Well that's good news for me. I love the AMOLED screen on the Samsung Tocco Ultra.


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