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Get Cash for your Old Mobile Phones: Trade it in


Written on 5/19/2009 04:18:00 PM by poison_ivy

If you're a mobile phone addict like me, you probably have a lot of old phones lying around. I know my sister for one has about six old phones since she makes it a point to change mobile phones everyday. However, it's a bit too tiresome to switch sim cards everyday or if you have two sim cards, it's hard to keep track of your mobile phone numbers and I always end up leaving one at home.

Anyways, because mobile phones tend to be obsolete after a few months, it's hard to dispose of your old mobile phones on eBay. You'll probably end up paying more for your listing fees. A good way to get cash for your old mobile phones is to trade them in over at Mobile Phone Xchange. You can get up to £150 for your old phones. Of course, your old mobile phone needs to be in full working order in order that you can get its full cash value.

By full working order, it means that the phone should be free from any water damage, display and other features should be fully functional, and the display should be operational and no missing pixels.

If you have a locked phone, this may be a good deal for you especially if you got your phone for free with your contract, however, if you have an unlocked mobile phone, then the prices for Mobile Xchange's trade-in value is a bit low and you're better off in eBay if your mobile phone is only around a year old.

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  1. Anonymous |

    You're right, their prices are too low. I'm better off at eBay

  2. Anonymous |

    Got an old N73 which I got for free on a contract. Does the site say that the phone has to be unlocked?

  3. new yourk girl 2010 and onwards.. |

    i traded my mobile phone in yesturday/today for £35's worth of argos gift vouchers, to put towards a different/new phone that i want. 'i just need to see if it actually works? if it does i'll put a good word out for the website' :)


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