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Problems connecting with Samsung PC Studio


Written on 7/14/2009 08:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

I have just spent a good two hours of my time trying to connect my Samsung S7220 Lucido phone to the Samsung PC Studio on my computer through Bluetooth connection. I'm making this post to in order to save the time of those who're trying to do the same and also to document my problem just in case I run to a similar problem in the future and forgot what I did to solve it. BTW, I'm using a generic USB Bluetooth 2.0 Dongle and a Windows XP machine.

Connecting with the New Samsung PC Studio

Anyways, what I first did was pair my Samsung mobile phone with my PC using the Bluetooth icon on the taskbar (just right click on the Bluetooth icon on the system tray and click add device, follow the instructions. Be sure your mobile phone's Bluetooth is turned on by going to applications->Bluetooth->Options->Activation on). Anyways, so once I paired my PC with my Samsung mobile phone, I ran the Samsung PC Studio, which by the way, has a very nice graphics interface.

Problem 1: Device is not in Idle Mode

I then proceeded to try to connect my phone using the "search device" icon on the top right. Samsung PC Studio automatically tried to detect the Bluetooth devices. I clicked on the name of my Samsung phone then pressed connect. PC Studio then began detecting my device and then it happened: Device is not in idle mode...etc, etc.

My first thought was that another application might be accessing my mobile phone but then no other application is running in the background. The next few hours were then spent pairing and unpairing my phone, manually setting up the connection by assigning the Bluetooth COM ports, etc. Nothing happened. I then Googled my problem and thankfully, I got my answer on the first search. It turns out that you have to go to the homescreen in order to be in "idle mode". I was still in the Bluetooth menu when I tried to connect my Samsung Lucido. Well, this is just stupid, Samsung. Nokia and Sony Ericsson are able to connect their mobile phones with their respective PC suites even without me exiting any internal menu.

Problem 2: Device is not recognized

I forgot the specific message but I'll update this once I've encountered that message again. Anyways, to solve this problem, I had to manually configure my connection and COM port. In my Bluetooth tray (Bluetooth icon on the system tray), I selected my device name and clicked on properties. I then pressed the "services" tab. There are two services and COM ports listed. Remember the COM port number for the DUN connection and select that COM port when Samsung PC Studio asks you which COM port to use when you manually configure your phone connection. Your mobile phone will then ask you "pair with *your computer name* using DUN connection", select yes and Samsung PC Studio should now be able to recognize your phone. I suggest setting the device to authorize on your Samsung phone so that you don't have to manually press yes everytime your PC wants to connect with your phone.


Wow, now that's two hours of my life wasted just because I failed to exit the Bluetooth menu and return to the homescreen when pairing/connecting my Samsung phone. Thanks a lot Samsung. Of course, my life would have been easier if I just used the cable provided but come on, wired connection is so five minutes ago. :D

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  1. nnzhang |

    must be in home screen meaning it cant be in any menus

  2. Anonymous |

    This had been bugging me for ages (the home screen thing). Thanks!!!

  3. Unknown |

    omg! thanks!

  4. Alok J |

    Thanks, I spent many hours trying to connect using blue tooth until I hit this entry.

  5. Anonymous |

    when trying 2 upload photos from a samsung tocco, it searches ur device and connects but then asks 4 a password. what is the password??? ive tried everything its not my phone, simm, laptop or insurance password. its driving me mad! Does any 1 know what it is?? help

  6. Anonymous |

    Thank you very much with your help about the ' device not idle' i was looking for a solution all day! thanks!

  7. Anonymous |

    Thank you boy!

    It saved me hell lotta time. I agree this thing has to be figured out by Samsung sooner or later.

  8. APahuja |

    wonderful.. worked like charm..

    it is good that you well documented the solution. it certainly saved my time.

  9. Unknown |

    poison_ivy..God bless u brother u solved my idle mode problem...

  10. Anonymous |

    Thank-you for that. I had the same problem using the cable!

  11. Anonymous |

    Thank you so much! I spent hours trying to solve the bluetooth connection problem between the New PC Studio and my Solstice. Not until I saw this post I was able to get it working. Thanks again!

  12. Anonymous |

    Thenk you very much for your detaiiled explaining. it helped me a lot.

  13. Anonymous |

    everytime i try to connect my samsung sgh-e250 to pc studio it says "An unregistered model has connected. communication cannot proceed."
    can any one help me in this issue..!

  14. good phone bad message |

    open your phone and return to main screen , good phone bad message

  15. open main screen of phone |

    open your phone and open it's main screen, thanks a lot to whom found this

  16. Anonymous |

    Thanks so much - I was getting the 'not idle' message even with the cable connection on my Jet...

  17. Hari Kusumba |

    Thank you very much. I wasted 2 hrs trying to connect my phone and pc. The first google search pointed to your link.
    It is such a simple step, they should have added this note in the PC studio program.

  18. Anonymous |

    Thank you!!!! i finally got it connected to my pc.

  19. Anonymous |

    does anyone know of a way to connect via bluetooth when the screen is locked I get error asking me to go back to the main screen yet the phone is idle and the screen is locked once I unlock all is good

    would be nice to not have to unlock the screen

  20. Anonymous |


    Appreciate you taking the time to post a solution to this.

  21. Anonymous |

    Thanks for your help - a simple solution which should have been explained better by Samsung. Maybe they could give you a job writing their instructions!

  22. Anonymous |

    Thank you!!!! I just spent the good part of 2 hours trying to connect this phone to a Vista computer. I couldn't determine what the idle comment meant.

    Shame on Samsung for a poor error message.


  23. Anonymous |


  24. Anonymous |

    thank you very much
    this has been driving me crazy for an hour.....

  25. Anonymous |

    Thank you!

  26. Anonymous |

    Brilliant! Thanks. Just had the same hassle trying to get the Bluetooth connection to my Samsung Genio. There's no indication anywhere that the phone's supposed to be in idle mode; that alone solved the problem.

  27. Anonymous |

    Big help.. thank you..
    "idle screen" can't believe that either..

    however.. i wonder.. sms === to === pc... where are my sms now? lol

  28. Anonymous |

    A million thanks! what a friggin stupid thing.

  29. Anonymous |

    or you "slide down" if its a slide phone!

  30. Unknown |

    I have a Samsung S8000, Jet. With it came a disk containing Samsung PC Studio. I have tried again and again but I cannot get that to work. I connect the mobile to the PC via the supplied USB cable, but it does not show up on the screen as connected. I don't know how to connect via Bluetooth.

  31. Anonymous |

    no bluetooth in pc

  32. Anonymous |

    Thank you so much you saved me a big headache.

  33. Anonymous |

    So simple, so stupid, so samsung, thanks, been struggling with this too

  34. Anonymous |

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post your solution for the "device not idle" error. I found your solution after about only 15 minutes of fiddling with the program.

  35. Shivaraman Aiyer |

    I have a sgh-L700 and i get the Device is not recognized error...need help...

  36. Anonymous |

    yah, mine doesn't work with the cable either. this is the 2nd samsung phone i've had trouble with. doubt my next one will be a samsung because of it.

  37. Anonymous |

    this just saved my life!!!! Just spent about two hours with the EXACT same problems!!

  38. Lectrichead |

    Thanks,t his saved me a lot of hair pulling (well, a lot more!).

  39. Bob |

    hello! My girlfriends display broke on this particular phone and she didn't have a memory card in it but a lot of valuable photos for her with her belate dog! I really need help on how to access the pictures, though she didn't have it in samsung PC mode (or whatever it is called)

  40. Anonymous |

    Thank you. As with everyone else you've helped this saved me a lot of frustration.


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