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Samsung S9110 Mobile Phone Watch


Written on 7/22/2009 08:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

Okay, so I previously said that the thing that turns me off buying mobile phone watches is that they're just too bulky, well Samsung just solved that problem for me by introducing their S9110 Mobile phone watch which is currently, the slimmest mobile phone watch in the market. LG previously introduced their very cool LG GD910 phone watch which features a capacitive touchscreen, 3G, and video calling so naturally, Samsung had to go out and make one to compete with their nemesis (in Korea).

The Samsung S9110 is only 11.98 thick, has a 1.76 inch watch face which is touch sensitive, Bluetooth, and the capability to Sync with Outlook. Aesthetically, the Samsung S9110 mobile phone watch, with its slimmer profile, has the edge over the LG GD910 but the former left out 3G and video calling capabilities.

The phone watch on the girls wrist (inset picture) still seems to be a bit big for me. Anyways, the Samsung S9110 mobile phone watch will initially be available in France for 450 euros, that's a month ahead of the release date of the LG GD910 on Orange.

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  2. Anonymous |

    It really amazes me how many sites ignore the fact that these Korean-made devices are but expensive imitations of the Chinese models, which have been around for the last couple of years.I'm an admitted gadget freak, but I'll gladly forgo any extra function the Hyundai, Samsung or LG may provide if I can buy a quality Chinese model for a fraction of the price.


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