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Windows Mobile 6.5 on Samsung Omnia


Written on 7/06/2009 12:18:00 PM by poison_ivy

Again, I really envy HTC Touch HD and Touch Pro users. Over at, they already have a working version of Windows Mobile 6.5 running on their devices. Of course, it's not the official release but a lot of ROM builders have managed to create one which is still based on the original WinMo 6.5.

So I thought I would head on over to, which has a dedicated Samsung Omnia forum to see if Omnia ROM builders have also managed to create Windows Mobile 6.5 for Samsung Omnia. It turns out there are a lot of Windows Mobile 6.5 versions for the Omnia. Two of the best so far are from Sector and Shokka9. Sector's Windows Mobile 6.5 ROMs are still being update while Shokka9's ROM is in the final build and he said he would no longer update it.

I would be trying out one of their ROMs one of these days to see which one is better. I must admit, if I have the time, I would probably make my own ROM. It seems easy enough and Modaco already has a pinned thread about Cooking your own Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM so it would be a cinch to follow for those with the technical know-how.

For those thinking: what's a cooked ROM? It's an unofficial firmware for windows mobile or other mobile phone operating system made by a third person with customized applications and much more added functionality. Simply put, think about Vodafone and Orange and how much they've been branding their exclusive mobile phones with their own applications. You can say that the firmware/ROMs on their phones are made or customized by them so technically, it's a "cooked ROM".

Anyways, I have no idea if Samsung would release an official Windows Mobile 6.5 update for the Omnia but if they don't, we can always trust ROM cookers to put one out there for us.

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