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Samsung SCH-W760 with Infrared Night Vision Camera


Written on 7/05/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

I really don't know why you need an infrared night vision capable camera on a mobile phone, I mean, is it really worth taking a picture in a VERY dark place? Well---you probably would need it to take spy photos of your cheating husband in a strip club but other than that, I think this is just a novelty on a camera phone.

Anyways, aside from the infrared night vision camera, the Samsung SCH-W760 also has a 2.8" AMOLED screen, 8GB internal memory, and DMB TV tuner.

Source: Akihabaranews

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  1. Anonymous |

    In Africa Botswana we have also recieved similarities in freezing and the charging system is a night mare.
    1, It seems the charging is highly dependant on the software which is ever updated.
    2, Why on earth was the charging slot difered with other Nokia phones when such a gadget ever needs charging?
    3, An instruction sould be issued that those which come in under warraty for fixing the customer sould be offered a loan phone as they know by now what the market response is!
    4, But generally the intended concept is evident but they missed somewhere along the line.

  2. Chops Botswana |

    Why does it have to be a cheating he cheating with a goat or some wise woman who spread her legs? Think of it, why do you have kids!


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