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Easy Step by Step iPhone Jailbreaking Guide


Written on 9/06/2009 05:39:00 PM by poison_ivy

If the only reason you haven't jailbroken you iPhone yet is because you're too scared that you might brick it, well, I've found a simple step by step guide on jailbreaking the iPhone that even my 5 year old niece would probably be able to do it. iPhone hacks has the simplest guide I've seen on the Internet and it even has screenshots for you to follow so it's guaranteed that you won't mess up.

And if you're really born with bad luck and you think you might have bricked your iPhone, here's a guide to find out if your iPhone is bricked.

So there you have it. So you better summon up the courage to do so because having a jailbroken iPhone really has its benefits. First, you can install your own custom themes (I'd recommend this HTC Sense UI for iPhone), you can install banned applications from the App store (like porn apps or Google Voice), and you can even unlock it so that it can work on your favorite network.

So unlock your iPhone's full potential right now by jailbreaking it.

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