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Samsung B3210 Genio QWERTY


Written on 10/17/2009 12:03:00 PM by poison_ivy

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After reviewing the Samsung Genio Touch, here comes another Genio mobile phone from Samsung: the Samsung Genio QWERTY. The Samsung Genio QWERTY retained the colorful back cover of its sibling, the Genio Touch but has foregone the touchscreen for a Blackberry-like QWERTY keypad. Well, let's check out the Samsung Genio QWERTY.


The Samsung Genio QWERTY is somewhat similar to the Samsung B7330 OmniaPro I've previously reviewed. Supposedly, the Samsung Genio QWERTY will have interchangeable back panels. That's cool except that Samsung made the colors of the QWERTY keyboard and the directional keypad match the back cover so I don't know what this mobile phone would look like having a pink back panel and a yellow keyboard.

The keyboard is a bit cramped so those with big fingers would take a while to get used to the Samsung B3210. The screen is bit small for me and I don't know if I have just gotten used to AMOLED screens but the colors of the Genio QWERTY screen is a bit washed out for me.

On the right is the dedicated camera button, on the left, the volume rocker, and on top, something which I'm not used to seeing on mobile phones below 100 quid, is a 3.5mm headset jack, beside it is the microUSB port.

I had a hard time taking out and putting back the back cover. I'm used to sliding the back cover but it seems that on the Samsung B3210, you have to pop open the back panel. Putting back the back panel is a bit of a hassle and there are times when the back panel's not completely put in place.

Anyhow, the design of the Samsung Genio QWERTY is pretty much solid. The materials used doesn't look cheap and the back panel's sturdy.

User Interface

The Samsung Genio QWERTY's homescreen gives you some sort of sliding widgets. There are shortcuts arrange horizontally at the bottom of the screen and you can browse through it using the directional keypad. There's a Myspace and Facebook shortcut on the homescreen sliding widget too. The menu screen reminds me of the Samsung Lucido's interface. Menu's are limited to just one screen. There's a calendar app, messaging, phonebook, settings, settings, clock, music player, file explorer, fm radio, and a web browser.

Messaging, Music, applications, web browser

Messaging is the same as with Samsung's non-touchscreen mobile phones. I have pretty much big fingers so it wasn't easy getting used to the keyboard of the Samsung Genio QWERTY but after a while, you get the hang of it.

The music player is not that pretty but it plays MP3s, AAC, and WMA music file formats. The music player can show your album art and can also run on the background, replacing your homescren sliding widgets with just the music player. Audio quality is okay, audio through speakers is so-so but the 3.5mm onboard headset jack is definitely a plus for the Samsung Genio QWERTY.

I was expecting to see trial versions of games again on the Samsung B3210 but thankfully, the ones on my unit are full versions. I like the typing test game and this game would be really useful for those who are first time QWERTY users.

I actually didn't bother with the web browser. With no 3G and WiFi and only the Access Netfront browser, I wish you luck trying to browse web pages. However, if you do download the fabulous Opera Mini browser, even EDGE would do thanks to Opera Mini's server side processing, web pages actually render a bit faster.


The Samsung B3210 Genio QWERTY only has a 2 megapixel camera but like the Samsung Genio Touch, it actually produces decent images even without autofocus. Here are some sample shots below.



Blackberry's are still a hit to teeners but come on, like the iPhone, not many tweeners could afford one. The Samsung Genio QWERTY offers a cheap alternative. The colorful back covers, decent camera and audio quality would make the Samsung B3210 Genio QWERTY worth your 100 quid.

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  1. nintendo r4 |

    I like this phone.. Features is complete..

  2. Chaudhary |

    nice review about Samsung B3210 Genio qwerty.

    best regards.

  3. Anonymous |

    Whatever samsung products may look, of whatever features they may have but purchase one if you have no expectation of post service.

  4. Anonymous |

    Does this have windows live messenger built into it ?


  5. poison_ivy |

    No it doesn't have the windows live messenger but you can download palringo, a universal instant messenger and you can access your YM, Gmail, Windows, even Facebook chat acocunt.

  6. Anonymous |

    I want this phone but, does it have a touchscreen then or not?

  7. Holly |

    mine had windows live messenger built in on mine :)

  8. CookieTaylor4 |

    I really like this phone, I have already asked to have it for Christmas, is there really a typing test game? i really like them. Good Review.

  9. Anonymous |

    how do you download apps onto it?

  10. Anonymous |

    just got this phone today and it truly is amazing value for money.

  11. jo-ann |

    i just got this phone its great but im having a problem trying to put my pics on to my laptop anyone help ?

  12. poison_ivy |

    Try going to settings, connections and setting the usb connection to mass storage device. Your phone will be read as a USB flash disk and you can transfer your pictures.

  13. Anonymous |

    hi just wondering which one is better, the Genio Touch or Genio qwerty?

  14. KuteyPiee...x |

    Im Going To Get This Phone On Christmas Hopefully Sounds Like A Great Phone.

  15. tony79amboy |

    How does the Samsung B3210 show an attachment to an email?
    Can any cheap qwerty mobile show email attachments?

  16. poison_ivy |

    @anonymous, If you're message-centric, go for the Genio QWERTY, otherwise, the Genio Touch, I think is the better choice if you don't mind not having a QWERTY keypad.

    @tony79amboy, hmm, what kind of attachment? Unfortunately, I don't think the Genio QWERTY can show attachments, though I could be wrong, I didn't try opening an attachment when I reviewed the phone.

  17. poison_ivy |

    @anonymous, If you're message-centric, go for the Genio QWERTY, otherwise, the Genio Touch, I think is the better choice if you don't mind not having a QWERTY keypad.

    @tony79amboy, hmm, what kind of attachment? Unfortunately, I don't think the Genio QWERTY can show attachments, though I could be wrong, I didn't try opening an attachment when I reviewed the phone.

  18. Unknown |

    Hi poison_ivy,
    I get a single sheet of PFD file as an attachment with my emails. If Samsung B3210 Genio QWERTY cant show the PDF, can you suggest a cheap querty mobile that does? tony79amboy

  19. Rik |

    i love samsungs i think theyre so good with looks and features and if you go on ebay their are quite a few decent genios (only touch) for about £70 max.

  20. Anonymous |

    just wondering how do you get the sidebar menu to scroll along the bottom? got this phone today and have no idea how to do it...

  21. Anonymous |

    where can u get some covers from!

  22. Sarah_hanlon |

    heyy just wondering if my M2 1gb memory card will fit in this phone can someone help please?x

  23. Briony Sharp |

    I really like this phone. Great Review. Is the Internet free? Thanks.

  24. poison_ivy |

    @ Briony Sharp: If you're on PAYG, you'll have to pay to use the internet. If you got it on pay monthly, it would depend on your contract, if you have unlimited data plan, you don't have to pay.
    @ Sarah: No, an M2 card won't fit as M2 card are Sony's proprietary memory cards and would only fit certain sony ericsson phones. The Genio QWERTY will only accept MicroSD cards.

  25. Anonymous |

    My Genio Qwerty did not come with a USB cable in the box, does anyone know which type of USB cable is compatible with the Genio Qwerty?

  26. poison_ivy |

    microUSB cables like this one:

  27. :) |

    Hi, please can someone help me. I was just wondering where you can get the back covers from?? please reply I really want one Thanks

  28. Anonymous |

    I can't seem to download Parlingo to my phone or to my mac, is there something I'm not doing here? I need an instant messenger to my Samsung Genio Qwerty, but can't seem to find a good link on both stations.... Any help please!?

  29. Anonymous |

    if u r on orange Pay as u go and on the dolphin package, u can download the link for IM to ur fne via there website.

  30. Anonymous |

    does this phone have bluetooth?

  31. Anonymous |

    yes, this phone does have bluetooth

  32. angel |

    Please can anyone help me with the email set up on the qwerty b3210 . thanks

  33. Anonymous |

    i cant transfer pics onto this phone the phone doesnet reconise the pics wen i try to view the pics on memmory card it shows a big white question mark ????

  34. poison_ivy |

    @ANGEL, what's your email provider? From what I remember, setting up emails on the B3210 is pretty easy if your email provider is on yahoo, gmail, hotmail. You just input your username and password.

    @Anonymous. What's the picture format that you're transferring? I think the B3210 only recognizes jpeg files. Any other format and the B3210 won't recognize it.

  35. anil |

    how can i read pdf files in samsung b3210 qwerty by use of any application. pls help

  36. Anonymous |

    How Much is this phone? :]

  37. Anonymous |

    I have this phone. It has frozen. I can take my battery out and then it lets me turn it on via the on/off button but once it gets to the homescreen it just freezes. Do you know what's wrong with it?

  38. Anonymous |

    should i get the genio qwerty or genio touch or can you tell me some other cheap phones with qwerty keypads!! thanks

  39. poison_ivy |

    There's the Genio Slide which has much better feature but only available on pay monthly at Vodafone:

    Then there's the B3310 which is dirt cheap:

  40. Anonymous |

    Hi, I need some help and I'd be very grateful if someone would.

    I got the Samsung B3210 and it hasn't come with a usb cable, could I still upload photos ect. with out it?

    Please tell me soon with the correct procedure.

  41. poison_ivy |

    You can send the picture to your email as an attachment or send it via bluetooth. Using the bluetooth, you need to have bluetooth on your PC and pair it with your mobile phone.

  42. Anonymous |

    i have the genio one problem i have found is that with some images it doesnt read them or says wrong media type. can any one help. also where can i get free apps and themes for the phone. thanks if you can email me on. thanks again

  43. Anonymous |

    I have had this phone for 2 or 3 weeks now and I love it.
    Although it has small keys I soon got use to it.
    It's easy to use, and like other Samsung phones has a "widget" screen.
    The screen isn't the biggest but is visable and easy to read.
    The camera isn't top of the range but it does me fine. I hardly use the camera but the times I have it's took a really good photo even in the sun!
    I mainly use my phone for texts, calls and internet including emails and they've all been great!
    I use to have the Samsung Tocco Lite, and I must say I'm glad i changed.

    I would rate this phone 4/5 just because of the small qwerty keys.

  44. Anonymous |

    Is it hard to get used to the key board ?' because i have a blackberry now but the buttons look more spaced out on it than what the genio qwerty does ? , but i need to get rid of this black berry today as it won't connect to the internet ? , write back asap pleasee , emily x

  45. poison_ivy |

    @emily. sorry wasn't able to reply sooner. I'm on vacation and haven't been checking in on my blog. If you have small fingers, the B3210 will be easy to use.

  46. Unknown |

    I have had a samsung genio qwerty. When web browsing I have somehow got the font size bigger as though I have zoomed in. I do not know how to get it back to the normal size. I have tried turning the phone on & off. Thanks.

  47. Anonymous |

    i really want to get this phone and read lots of reviews bout it...people have said that the keys are too samll for big it true?????

  48. poison_ivy |

    @angelacopestick. Try changing the font in the settings. I forgot where in settings you could find the font but try playing around with it.

    @anonymous. yes, the keypad would be a bit uncomfortable for those with big fingers.

  49. Anonymous |

    does it cost to go on msn and facebook?

  50. Anonymous |

    does this phone have blutooth

  51. Nikkkk!:) |

    i love this phone, very easy to use. erm i do have one problem, un like the samsung genio touch when you go onto a photo and press send via its comes up with web. (then you can upload to facebook etc). however on the qwerty it dose not have that. and even when i go onto facebook and press uplode picture it say's unsported? how can i upload pictures to facebook off my phone?someone please help! :) x

  52. JJ |

    can you download new themes for the phone? i have i and i know it may sound picky. but im not too fussed on the themes. i have looked but all i can find is bloody football ones. PLEASE HELP!

  53. Anonymous |

    uboodDoes this phone have bluetooth?.

  54. Anonymous |

    Does this phone have video recorder? :/

  55. Anonymous |

    i have this phone and i have big fingers and im havig no problem using it

  56. hunter11 |

    i want to gey this phone but dont no where to get it from and where is the cheapest place to get it and sim free (i dont want the sim)
    and on o2 network!!! can some one please help me and reply to this post thank you :)

  57. Anonymous |

    hunter 11 i got the b3210 from carphone warehouse 50 quid.

  58. Anonymous |

    hi , i have had this phone about 2 months and its the best purchase ive made, i have very large hands and its easy to use and text with , when on low battery and the keypad light turns off, its still very easy to type with, i love this phone and i have bought designed backs on ebay for it, my one question is that can you download themes for it because i cant seem to find any on the web for it , reply asap ;)

  59. Anonymous |

    can you connect to facebook on this phone? anywhere?

  60. Anonymous |

    When viewing the browser, hit Z zoom out and B to zoom in.

  61. Vikki |

    Thanks annonymous regarding the zoom, had me confused as to how to fix and ive worked with mobiles for last 8 yrs !!!

  62. Anonymous |

    Heyy , i'm thinking of getting this phone , just not sure if its worth it , does it have free facebook ?

    if you have the time please talk to me about it

  63. Anonymous |

    i got a picture sent to me and when i try and open it, it doesnt show up, its got a box with a ? in it? whats wrong

  64. Anonymous |

    My b3210 is not properly functioning the images & wallpapers appears question marks? why is this so? and all the settings was reset? after I off the phone and the next time i open it it was all changen the images, themes and music, have been corrupted i think so.. pls do help me to this one!

  65. Tara |

    Hello:B im getting this phone in a few days and im wondering should i its putting me off that people are saying that the screen and the keys are too small but i dont know what to do does it freeze alot?? thanks x


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