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Motorola Milestone Video Ad


Written on 12/11/2009 03:09:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, you've probably seen those video ads of the Motorola Milestone floating around right? If not, well, you can watch the video below. Frankly, I like the Droid ads in the US better compared with this boring ad. I mean, there's really nothing about this ad that would grab anyone's attention. Seriously, if Motorola doesn't revamp their Motorola Milestone ad, they would fail to take off here in Europe. For comparison purposes, I've included the Droid Does ads as well.

Motorola Milestone Promo Video

Droid Commercials

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  1. MobilePhoneCases |

    Motorola are going to have to make this model pretty special, they havent really released a decent phone in a while, and the competitions only getting more fierce


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