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Samsung Wave S8500


Written on 2/13/2010 04:45:00 PM by poison_ivy

Rest assured that you'll be hearing more about the Samsung Wave S8500 mobile phone these upcoming weeks. It's because Samsung would be officially announcing this mobile phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona tomorrow. Of course, after announcing it, it will only be a few weeks, or months before it's finally available in retail stores so let's take a look at this mobile phone.


Based on the leaked photos, the Samsung Wave S8500 is probably the sleekest and sexiest mobile phone Samsung has ever built. Looking at the phone brings to mind the Samsung Tocco Ultra Touch but it's sleeker because of the aluminum body. The Samsung Wave also makes use of Samsung's latest mobile screen technology, making it only 10.9mm thick and the 3.3 inch super AMOLED screen makes the phone better to use in direct sunlight. The tempered glass use on the screen also adds to the beauty of this handset.


The Samsung Wave S8500 does not lack in features. Aside from the AMOLED screen, it has a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash capable of 720p video recording like the Samsung i8910 HD. Connectivity is also not a problem with this mobile phone, aside from HSDPA, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm jack (probably capable of doubling as a TV-Out jack), it's also capable of WiFi b/g/n. Most notable is the 1GHz processor which we still don't know from which maker and also, this is the first mobile phone to run Samsung's own OS: Bada.

As of writing, those are the only features known about the Samsung Wave but as soon as we get the official word from Samsung, I'd update this post.


So, what does it mean if Samsung get's their own OS? Well, this company has really changed the mobile phone playing field. Their smartphones, like the i8910 HD, Omnia 2, B7610 Omnia Pro, etc, are the cheapest when compared with other smartphones of similar OS. Having their own OS means they won't have to pay any royalties to use third party mobile OS so if Samsung plays their card right, Apple, RIM, and HTC might take notice and we'll see cheaper smartphones in the near future.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Looks promising. Just hope that you're right and smartphones do get cheaper.

  2. Anonymous |

    If Samsung manages to get the same amount of apps on their OS then I'm switching.


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