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HTC Desire on contract


Written on 3/22/2010 01:14:00 PM by poison_ivy

We know that almost all UK carriers will offer the HTC Desire on contract and although Vodafone was first to put the smartphone on their coming soon page, it seems that on T-Mobile, the HTC Desire is now available. Though if you read the small print, they ask that you give them up to 7 days for delivery  so more or less, that would still be around April 1st, just like Amazon.

T-Mobile offers a pretty attractive mobile contract for the HTC Desire. The lowest being £10 a month for 24 months and you'll just have to fork up £164 for the phone. For the £10 a month tariff you'll get, aside from unlimited mobile broadband internet (unlimited meaning unlimited until you get to the 1GB 3GB cap, if the phone is an Android phone, 1GB if it's under their flexible booster plan), free flexible booster wherein you can choose from unlimited text, unlimited landline to landline, unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile calls, or their international call and text booster (Europe, Australia, USA and Canada only). Not bad since if you add up your total cost, it would come to £404, much lower than the unlocked price of the HTC Desire on Amazon and you'll get all those freebies.

Vodafone also has the HTC Desire on contract and the lowest you can get this for free is £30 a month with a 24 month lock in period.

The HTC Desire will be coming soon on contract with O2 and Orange.

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  1. Anonymous |

    If you look at tmobiles fair use policy the 1gb cap is for every phone except android phones, they have a 3gb cap with the included net access it's just under the part about the 1gb cap

  2. poison_ivy |

    @ Anonymous. Thanks. I was about to change that as I've recently seen their fair use policy. The 1GB cap only applies if it's in their free flexible booster.

  3. Anonymous |

    I went into T- Mobile on tuesday gone and had a Desire put back for me to pick up on saturday, because I did not have my bank details with me. Today is saturday and went in there and I was told they are not doing it for £10 a month it was changed on wednesday the day after I had one put back for me, its now £15 a month so I would be paying an extra £100 for the same mins and text. So have come home with no new phone and very disappointed. I have always been pay as you go it would of been my first contract phone. I'm gutted I'm not paying out extra £100.

  4. poison_ivy |

    @Anonymous. Bummer. So, are they completely removing their £10 a month contract and replacing it with £15 a month? Maybe they've realized they're almost giving away the Desire.


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