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The Coolest iPhone App: Football Real kick


Written on 3/21/2010 03:31:00 PM by poison_ivy

No, it's not the fart app. I just saw this video at mobilecrunch and I have to say, if I were a fussball addict, this is enough reason for me to get an iPhone. The Football Real Kick is an iPhone app which lets you play Fussball--the high tech way.

If you own a Nintendo DS and played a game wherein you have to blow on the mic to interact with the game, well, the Football Real Kick works the other way around, air is pushed through the speakers which allows the phone to blow the tiniest bit of particles, such as a styrofoam ball. The result? The coolest iPhone app for only 99 cents, and soon to be the must have app for college frat boys. Video below to wow you more.

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