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Motorola Milestone 2.1 manual update


Written on 3/30/2010 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

Yet another reason for me to take back my Milestone. It seems that the over-the-air update for the Motorola Milestone European version is now available. So, what are the features of Android 2.1 on your Moto Milestone? Well, 9 homescreens, a new Motorola camera application, Facebook app (it better be as good as Bloo), Motorola car home interface, and Quickoffice.

If you're having problem with your OTA update or you can't get WiFi/3G access, you can download the 2.1 update on your PC using this link. How to manually update your Motorola Milestone to Android 2.1? Well, download the firmware from the link I've given you and then follow the instructions from this website.

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