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No Windows Phone 7 Series Upgrade for HTC HD2


Written on 3/01/2010 02:58:00 PM by poison_ivy

HTC HD2 running windows phone 7 series---NOT!!
Oh well, my hopes of owning the HTC HD2 has now been officially obliterated. It has been confirmed: There's no Windows Phone 7 Series update lined up for the HTC HD2. Microsoft has confirmed this news in an interview with APC Magazine? Why you ask? Because it doesn't have the 3 buttons required by WP7. The three buttons as required by Windows Phone 7 series are: dedicated Bing or search button, start menu, and the back button.

However, another Microsoft director said that it's not only the buttons that's the problem, it seems HTC HD2 also lacks some required hardware components...Maybe a four-point capacitive touchscreen?

Oh well, at least I was able to save some money. Now as for my next phone--HTC Desire perhaps? But current HTC HD2 owners need not throw away their mobile phones just yet. There are a lot of hackers at Xda-developers forums and I'm sure a Windows Phone 7 series port will come to the HTC HD2, probably sooner than we'll see actual WP7 phones.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Actually, it's not TOTALLY confirmed yet. Some of us are still hoping Microsoft will come around.


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