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Nokia X6 on contract


Written on 3/20/2010 05:19:00 PM by poison_ivy

Looking for the latest touchscreen phone in the market today? Well, I haven't actually reviewed the Nokia X6 yet but the X6 is the latest touchscreen mobile phone which is available right now on contract.

The unlocked price of the Nokia X6 on Amazon is £299.99 but throw in a 24 month mobile contract with a monthly tariff of £25 and you can get this for free. Currently, the mobile phone companies offering the Nokia X6 on contract are O2, Orange, 3, and T-Mobile.

The Nokia X6 is also not available on Pay as You Go on any of the UK mobile networks. Now as for choosing which mobile phone company, well T-Mobile provides the lowest monthly tariff starting at £10 and the lowest phone cost at £128, Orange offers the most minutes for every price plan, and O2 has the cheapest rate for mobile internet because of their bolt on package.

So which Nokia X6 mobile contract should you sign up with? Again, it would all depend on your needs.

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