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Samsung Galaxy Spica gets OFFICIAL Android 2.1 update


Written on 3/18/2010 04:14:00 PM by poison_ivy

Well, it's finally official. Samsung has announced that it's rolling out the much awaited Android 2.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy Spica. The update can be installed by doing a software update through Samsung's PC Studio 7. According to Samsung, the Android 2.1 update will initially be available for Germany and would soon roll out for the rest of the world.

I wonder if the Samsung Galaxy Portal, the UK name of the Galaxy Spica, which you can get for free with a mobile contract from T-Mobile, will also get this update or whether T-Mobile will roll out its own update for the Portal? Well, however they might choose to update the Galaxy Portal, one thing's for sure, there's no stoppping Android from spreading across the smartphone market. Hmm, I wonder if I should add it to my comparison of new Android phones? Nah, that post is already long enough as it is.


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  1. Anonymous |

    The Samsung Galaxy Portal should be upgradeable using Samsung PC Studio 7. I mean, T-mobile never did any customisations on the phone so I don't think we have to wait for their own update.


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