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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Review: Telephony, Calendar and Office Suite


Written on 3/30/2010 04:35:00 PM by poison_ivy


The earpiece is a bit on the soft side, yes, you can hear the other person on the line clearly but it's not as loud as other mobile phones I have tested. This is good though because other persons near you won't be able to eavesdrop on your conversation.

Voice calls using the speakers is loud enough but the quality is not good as you can hear a lot of static.

Calendar and Office Suite

The Calendar on Android 1.6 and Moxier calendar is exactly the same in terms of look. The Google calendar has fields such as the event, time and date, description, place of event, the recurrence of the event, privacy, presence and the reminders. The Moxier calendar doesn't have the privacy or presence field but it allows you to input the attendees' emails.

                                      Google Calendar                             Moxier Calendar

There's an included Office Suite which allows you to view office documents but it won't allow you to edit it. You have to buy a document editor at the marketplace. I would recommend Dataviz.

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