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HTC Legend Deals


Written on 4/13/2010 02:42:00 PM by poison_ivy

Looking for HTC Legend deals on O2, Orange, or T-Mobile? Well, if you visit these networks' websites, you will most likely be disappointed because they don't have the HTC Legend page. This is because the HTC Legend is technically, exclusive to Vodafone here in the UK. And because Vodafone and HTC has formed this exclusive partnership, carriers such as O2, Orange, or T-Mobile are forbidden to offer the Legend with any of their mobile phone contracts.

Thankfully, there's a way around this. If you're itching to get the HTC Legend subsidize by any other mobile network except Vodafone, you can always visit third party retailers. Sites such as and are offering the HTC Legend with carriers other than Vodafone. is offering HTC Legend deals under Orange and O2 while is only offering the Legend under Orange.

Both of these retailers are also offering HTC Legend deals with free gifts such as iPod Touch, Xbox, Wii, Laptops, etc.

The downside? These two mobile retailers don't really have perfect reputation and a lot of users have been complaining that has not been honoring their cashback offers so a word of caution: read the fine print first and good luck finding the best HTC Legend deals.

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