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Unlimited Internet in Hong Kong


Written on 4/10/2010 06:16:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, I've been in Hong Kong for five days now, unfortunately, I'm stuck in a hotel where there's no free internet access. Of course I could always buy PCCW's 1 day WiFi pass for HK$148 but if I'm staying for five days, I'm not going to spend that much on internet access for just checking my emails and occassionally updating my blog. So what's a budget traveler to do to get cheap internet access in Hong Kong? Two words: China Mobile.

China Mobile is a mobile network in Hong Kong which offers prepaid simcards, and they're probably the cheapest too. They have HK$78 prepaid simcard which when you opt in for their unlimited monthly mobile internet, the prepaid value of 78 will be deducted from your simcard and you get cheap internet access via mobile internet for 30 days. The catch? You get only EDGE GPRS connection which is about as fast as a 256kbps connection, ON NON-PEAK HOURS. I have to stress non-peak hours because if you're unlucky, the internet speed is slower than a snail on Valium so be warned that this is not for the impatient.

I've actually used it to teether my mobile phone to my netbook to update my blog, for Google maps on my Samsung B7610, and Palringo. It's really useful and it's nice to be able to stay connected 24/7 while traveling in Hong Kong. Comes really handy when I'm trying to research some stuff while shopping. So next time you're in Hong Kong and you don't want to get excessive rates for roaming charges on your iPhone but still want unlimited data while abroad, try China Mobile's prepaid simcard.

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll keep this in mid when I visit HK this June.


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