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Hong Kong: The Land of the Mobile Phones


Written on 4/07/2010 05:07:00 PM by poison_ivy

I am currently on vacation for some needed R&R so I won't be able to update my blog that much. I'm in Hong Kong and I'm telling you, as a mobile phone blogger, I feel like I'm in paradise. Sure, Hong Kong may not be the first country to get the latest mobile phones like our friends over in Germany or Finland but they've got a VARIETY of phones and best of all--they're all unlocked!

Here, getting an unlocked mobile phone is the norm and going into contract is like suicide. If you walk along the streets of Mong Kok, I think around Argyle street, there's a street dedicated to electronics and most of the stores sell mobile phones. Being close to the mainland China, the sellers have the luxury of importing mobile phones and like I've mentioned, the mobile phone sellers here are offering a variety of mobile phones from Samsung (Anycall), Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Nokia, LG, etc--and they're cheap! The lowest price I've seen for a HTC Legend is around HKD 3980, and I think I'll score myself one so that I'm a phone away from completing my HTC Desire vs. HTC Legend vs. Nexus One vs. Xperia X10 comparison.

I'm off to Shenzhen on Friday to look for more mobile phone bargains. Hopefully, once I get my hands on a new mobile phone, I'll have a review up next week. Until then.

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  1. Unknown |

    It certainly sounds like you are picking up quite a lot of bargains in Hong Kong, and that's a pretty decent price for the HTC Desire! I know this phone has only just been released in the UK and as far as I know T-Mobile only have this available at the moment. I've just got one on contract and sold my iPhone for a tidy sum through Sell My Mobile.

    HTC seem to be growing in popularity and I read recently that they are going to be the dominate force in smartphones, knocking the iPhone off it's perch. What are you views on iPhone VS Desire? - According to the TechRadar in their top 10 phones they are giving top spot to the Desire - http://www.techradar.com/news/phone-and-communications/mobile-phones/15-best-mobile-phones-in-the-world-today-645440


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