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iPhone 4 now on PAYG on Vodafone


Written on 8/12/2010 05:09:00 PM by poison_ivy

Fancy an iPhone 4 but don't want to get tied down to an expensive 24 month mobile phone contract? You can get one unlocked, or you can now get the iPhone 4 on PAYG from Vodafone. The iPhone 4 32GB is available for £570 while the 16GB costs £480. That's £19 to £29 savings from the unlocked price plus you'll get 250MB per month of mobile internet and webmail for 12 months and 1GB per month of free WiFi with BT Openzone (12 months).

Of course, PAYG iPhone 4 will still be locked to Vodafone so some might go the Apple store way and get an unlocked one instead but you won't get the mobile internet and WiFi options.

Via: Vodafone

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