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Bullguard Mobile Antivirus Review


Written on 9/03/2010 05:11:00 PM by poison_ivy

Although mobile phone viruses are uncommon, it's still better to be safe than sorry right? After all, every one has mobile phones nowadays and most of us keep our personal information on our mobile phones, some of us even browse secure websites with smartphones so naturally, hackers are looking into mobile phone viruses to scour for personal information.

Just last year, a virus for the iPhone has been found and has infected some phones in Netherlands. Also, a few years back, a Bluetooth virus has plagued some Nokia phones. Although viruses for windows mobile phones have yet to be heard, there are a number of antivirus already available for Pocket PC devices. One of these is Bullguard Mobile Antivirus.

Bullguard is also available for Symbian devices and you can try it for free for 14 days. I've downloaded the file and installed on my Samsung B7610. The file is not that large and it's better if you download the cab file, transfer to your microSD card and then install for there as its faster.

Installation was painless and easy but then I encountered a slight blip: You need to register with a Bullguard account in order to activate the software. You can create an account using your WiFi or 3G network and after that, you also need to update the virus definitions.

You can choose which places to scan. Bullguard lets you choose whether to scan Memory, memory cards or databases. Scanning just the phone's memory is fast but its another thing for memory cards. Scanning my 4GB memory card took a while. You can also choose to customize your scan so the antivirus will only scan specific folders. If a virus has been found, you can choose whether the software would do nothing, move it to a quarantine file or delete it.

I can't comment on the effectivity of Bullguard because I really don't have a virus on my mobile phone as I rarely use it to surf the mobile web but in terms of user interface and how fast it scans, the software is pretty good.

In a world full of iPhones, I'm sure windows mobile users are getting fewer and fewer but I know that some companies still prefer windows mobile for their employees because of its security. Add a mobile antivirus into the mix and you got yourself a super secure mobile phone. Of course, security doesn't come cheap. The Bullguard Mobile Antivirus costs $39.95.

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