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JBL On Time Micro Review


Written on 9/06/2010 05:02:00 PM by poison_ivy

The JBL On Time Micro is one of JBL's latest iPod/iPhone speaker docks with alarm clock and radio which has only been released this year.

One of the things that attracted me to the JBL On Time Micro is that of all the iPod alarm clock/radio docks that I've considered, it's one of the smallest and compact among the bunch. The base is around 7.7 inches and the unit itself is around 5 inches in height. As to the weight of the unit, it's not that hard to lug around the house and transfer from one room to another. As for the design, well, I'm not really a sci-fi fan and the JBL On Time Micro has that Star Wars sort of vibe to it combined that with the eery blue glow of the LCD panel, it's not that appealing but it certainly won't clash with your decor.

The dome of the speakers is covered with a metallic grille and the rest of the unit is made of black plastic but there's also a white unit for those who want to complement their white iPhones. The remote and the controls are not user friendly at all. I had to whip out the manual so I could set up the clock and tune the radio. The buttons on the speakers are tactile and can easily be pressed. Although the remote and controls need to be learned it's still easy enough to operate.

Now for the sound quality, for a small speaker, it could actually get pretty loud. When you turn down the volume to the lowest setting, the sound could still be heard in a 30 sq. meter room. The bass isn't that deep and when you turn the volume too high, there's actually a bit of distortion, but overall, it's pretty decent if you're just going to use it in your bedroom. The JBL On Time Micro is already iPhone compatible, meaning, if you get a text message or call from someone while your phone is docked, you won't hear any interference.

The alarm clock is actually good, you can wake up to your favorite AM/FM radio station, the default tone, or to your iPod/iPhone plus you can set the alarm to repeat on weekends, weekdays, or a particular day of the week. The JBL On Time Micro can pick up some radio stations without the antennae but you won't be getting clear sounds from the radio station. Oh, BTW, the JBL On Time Micro supports RDS feature.

As for other features, there's not much, just an auxiliary input on the back and you can put three AAA batteries so you won't have to reset the clock in case the power goes out. What's included in the box is an iPhone/iPod tray, FM Antennae, AM Antennae, the remote, and the AC Adapter.

Overall, for the price of £122.28 over at Amazon, the JBL On Time Micro is a bit expensive considering that the audio quality is not that great and some might even prefer the less expensive JBL On Time 200ID but if you like a small speaker dock with a pretty decent alarm/radio function, sub par audio quality, and if you're into all that Star Wars design, then the JBL On Time Micro might actually be a good buy for you.

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  1. Anonymous |

    I bought one yesterday and overall like it. But the minimum sound level is still far too loud for bedside use (sleep and alarm). Does anyone else have this problem or can it be solved? Thanks Erik


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