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How to get free paid apps for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch


Written on 10/06/2010 10:30:00 AM by poison_ivy

One of the greatest feature of the iPhone is its extensive apps. Right now there are over 250,000 apps available and its growing everyday. The downside of this "extensive" collection, however, is that consumers will likely spend 59 pence on a very useless app. Of course, there's the rating system to keep you away from those useless apps but some of the apps are unrated. There's also no try before you buy feature and not all apps have their "free", "demo" or "lite" version. So how can you get good apps without spending a dime? Well, here are some of the websites, apps I use to find iPhone apps that recently became free for a limited time.

FAAD (Free App A Day)

FAAD is perhaps the most useful free iPhone apps website that I've come across. Most of the apps I've downloaded are actually pretty great and useful such as Creeps, Backbreaker football, iStart Spanish, etc. Look for their free apps under their Main section, Daily Double, and don't forget to check out FAAD of fame because some of the older apps might still be free.


FreeAppAlert is another website I use. Unlike FAAD which actually sponsors the apps that will become free, FreeAppAlert consolidates all apps that just became free so you'll find a rather extensive collection of free apps everyday rather than just two or three apps. FreeAppAlert also posts the price of the apps before they became free. Of course, you have to sort through the list because the website doesn't categorizes the apps so if you're looking for just games, better use the search function on your browser.


Appshopper is another useful website, unlike the previous two, Appshopper doesn't only consolidate free apps but those that have gone down in price as well. Unlike freeappalert, you can search using categories found on top of the page so browsing through the website is a breeze. I think they have an iPhone app available though I haven't tried that. I'm content surfing the site on Safari.

OpenFeint Spotlight App

The OpenFeint App just like FAAD, sponsors free apps that were previously priced .99-$2.99. Like FAAD, most of the games featured are actually pretty decent. Games I've liked that I've discovered using this app includes Hollywood Hospital and Space Station. Of course, I can't say that all apps featured are decent but it's worth checking out everyday just in case you'll find a gem.


Bargainbin is an app that helps you search for recently free apps or apps that have recently gone down in price on the app store. Apps are sorted using categories and what's great is that you can watch some of the apps you've been eyeing and Bargainbin will notify you when that app becomes free or is on sale.


AppMiner is a lot like bargain bin. It also supports notifications so you can watch your favorite apps become free. What I like about AppMiner is that it has a ranking system displayed for apps that are in the top 100++ in iTunes so you can easily look for apps that are noteworthy.

So there you have it, bookmark these websites on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad's Safari browser or download the apps so you can become an app addict without spending another dime. Happy app hunting.

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    Dude, you rock!! Thanks for the list!

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    I use PandoraBox, it's also a free app in the app store.

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