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InCase Snap Case Clear for iPhone 4 Review


Written on 10/07/2010 03:55:00 PM by poison_ivy

Although the Apple free case program is now officially over, you can still get some of the free cases they offer from the manufacturers. I got the Incase Snap Case from the free case program and here are my thoughts about it.

 First, I was actually disappointed when I saw the case. It's just a clear plastic casing and a big chunk of clear plastic which is supposedly the stand. I thought, how can this thing ever protect my iPhone? And then when I put it on, I actually cringed as the plastic reacted with the chrome bezel. I had to take it off again just to be sure that it didn't actually scratch the bezel. Thankfully, it did not.

Anyways, looking at the Incase Snap Case on the phone, it actually looks decent. Unlike other cases which hide the actual form factor of the iPhone 4, the InCase Snap Case looks like you're holding your iPhone 4 naked. Of course, if you don't have a bezel protector, there are some huge gaps which will be prone to scratching like the top and bottom bezel and the spaces between the volume buttons.

The Incase Snap case for iPhone 4 is pretty thin. Compared to the Speck Fitted Case, CAPDASE Soft Jacket 2 Xpose, and the Scosche bandEDGE G4, this is the thinnest case that I've encountered. The opening at the bottom of the case also allows you to use any third party chargers or adapters for your iPhone 4.

Since the Incase Snap Case is a clear case, I thought I might do some customizations to my iPhone 4 rather than go bare naked. I put on some LuckyLabs Spectra Wraps around the bezel so that I won't have to cringe every time I take the case off and hear metal against plastic, and also to add some color to the iPhone 4's side. I also installed a SGP Leather Skin Guard at the back on top of a back protector that I got from Seidio. Overall, the Incase Snap Case still fit perfectly even with the additional back and side protection. In fact, the addition of the back skin guard and bezel wrap made the Incase fit tighter so that I won't have to worry about it popping off.

My other worries about this case is that I feel that dirt might actually accumulate on the edges. Also, I feel like the plastic isn't scratch resistant and over time, scratches would make this case look less sophisticated.

Overall, I think the InCase Snap Case would be an ideal choice for those on the fence about going bare naked with the iPhone 4. It offers decent protection for the back but I would suggest that you get a side wrap for the bezel, either LuckyLabs spectra wraps, iColor wraps, or Zagg's clear side wrap for the iPhone 4 will do to give extra protection for the bezel.

Also, those who're opting to skin their iPhone 4s and want added protection without hiding their artwork would also welcome the Incase Snap Case Clear.

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