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IM+ Pro App Review


Written on 10/09/2010 03:34:00 PM by poison_ivy

Before I jumped on the iPhone bandwagon, I'm already familiar with Shape Services' and IM+ instant messenger but I didn't want to purchase it then because I'm already contented with the free Yahoo Messenger App so when they asked me if I could review this app, I readily agreed.

So, if there's already a free Yahoo Messenger App in the App store, what is IM+ Pro good for? Well, IM+ is an all in one instant messenger. If you have different accounts, you can just download this app and get instant access to your Skype, AOL, MSN, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google Talk, Jabber, ICQ, and MySpace accounts. Now that's a lot of chat services.

Perhaps my favorite part about the IM+ Pro is the Twitter integration. I don't have to download the twitter app for iPhone as I can easily view my friends' tweets on IM+. Facebook chat is also great since the native Facebook App for iPhone doesn't have the chat client. Another plus is that aside from push messages when someone sends you a message on the chat client, you'll also get push notifications when someone emails you on your yahoo or Google accounts.

While there's no live video chat feature, you can easily send photos, videos or voice messages to the other person. The photo/video/voice message will be uploaded to Shape Services' servers and will be available as a download link to the person you've sent the message to.

IM+ Pro also has a built-in browser so that you don't have to leave the app when someone sends you a link. Although I think a built-in browser isn't really necessary but it's still a nice feature to add.

The Cons? I don't know for what reason but my contacts are not arranged by accounts but the good thing is that they have a search feature, still, finding all your yahoo contacts or facebook contacts under one name would still be nicer. Maybe in a future update? Okay, so I just found out that you can actually group your contacts under different accounts. It can be found in settings. However, the app would keep asking if you want to stay signed in with a notification, something that doesn't seem to be a problem with Yahoo Messenger which constantly runs quietly in the background.

Overall, for $9.99, I'd say that IM+ is all the IM client you need. I think it's the best out there and come on, Facebook and Twitter alone seals the deal.

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