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How to unlock HTC HD7 on T-Mobile O2 Vodafone 3


Written on 11/28/2010 02:49:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, you got yourself a nice HTC HD7, chances are, your mobile phone may be locked to the network you've purchased your phone. If you're on O2, you're lucky, you can just call up customer service and ask for your unlock code (though some have bad luck with this). Other networks would require you to top up (if you're on Pay as you go) or complete a certain number of months (if you're on contract). If you don't like to top up or don't want to wait any longer, you can always buy an unlock code (for a fee) either on eBay or other unlocking websites on the web. Price range from £15-£20.

I have tried to purchase a code on eBay but since I need it within 24 hours, I had to cancel my purchase with the seller because he said it would take a day more. So I searched the net and found good reviews for from members at They claim they can give you the code within 15 minutes but since I need reassurance, I contacted them and I got a fast response. I asked if they have my unlock code on their database, sent them my imei and the name of my network as well as my phone model, also asked them in what time zone they were located in case I decided to purchase the next day. They said that they do have the unlock code and that everything is automated. Once you enter your phone model, imei and network, they will search the database and inform you if they have the unlock code and once you paid, they'll instantly send you the code.

So I tried it and paid via paypal and wouldn't you know it, got my unlock code in 5 minutes and it worked. I just entered a different simcard other than my carrier simcard and when asked for a PIN, I entered the unlock code they emailed me and viola! got myself an unlocked HD7 in 5 minutes.

Their service works for most HTC phones. If you're wondering why you can't find a free unlock calculator for this, it may be because they don't have a calculator but instead, have access to HTC's database. I dunno. All I know is for £16, I'm pretty happy with their service.

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  1. Anonymous |

    worked for me. after 10 minutes my phone is unlocked. thanks!

  2. G |

    I was sceptical as I always am of these sites, Ive seen many times where there is an "article" written about a site just to scam people. HOWEVER, it is not 11 oclock at night here in NYC and I received my code within 5-10 minutes. AND it works. I put in my ATT sim card and it even went through some connection manager setup after entering the unlock code. In short, WELL worth the $25 it cost. Thanks for the link, much appreciated.

  3. Anonymous |

    Thanks. I was having a problem unlocking my T-mobile HD7

  4. Janet |

    I am getting my locked O2 HTC HD 7 this week, and wanted to know about unlocking it.

    Thanks for the information, I will try out this process.

  5. Anonymous |

    Great info,

    I went to all the cellphone shops in my area to get my new Orange France HTC unlocked so I could use it with SFR but none of the shops could do it,

    but one employee suggested I try ordering a code

    I tried them and they emailed me with the unlock code in 15 minutes

    I entered it in the phone following the instructions they gave me and it worked perfect

    my HD7 is now unlocked and working with my SFR sim!

    Just wanted to suggest the site to those of you who need to get the unlock code

    it was 24 USD Dollars (much cheaper than doing it locally at about 50 Euro)



  6. phonecard |

    It worked for me. After 15 minutes my phone is unlocked. Thanks!

  7. Anonymous |

    O2 say they will unlock for free if you're on a Pay Monthly contract (still have to complete remainder of any minimum term of course). Pay & Go customers have to have been with O2 at least 12 months and there is a £15 charge for the unlocking service.

  8. Anonymous |

    I finally got my code from this place:

    Much cheaper.


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