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SGP Linear Color Series Review


Written on 6/27/2011 03:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

Sure, the iPhone 4 may soon be replaced by the iPhone 5 or 4S but that doesn't mean you should stop dressing up your iPhone 4. We have here the SGP Linear Color case for review. Let's find out how this one fares as far as cases go.

The SGP linear Color series looks like an iPhone bumper alternative except that this one has a backplate to protect the back of the phone. The idea is that you can mix and match the back plates with the outer shells or put two different colored bumpers together. If you want a different colored bumper, you can buy one separately for $9.99.

The SGP Linear case series is made of hard bendable plastic. Unlike the Apple bumpers wherein you squeeze your phone into the bumper, with the Linear case, the bumper is put together by snapping the bottom half with the upper one. If you buy the whole set, the one that includes the backplate, a Steinheil Ultra Clear screen protector is included so for $25 you get complete protection for your phone. Be sure to read the leaflet on how to put it together and take it apart since I spent a good five minutes trying to do so. Also, if you have SGP's leather back sticker, be sure to remove that as the bumper won't lock together.

Overall, the case has a very sturdy feel. It doesn't look like it would come apart at the slightest fall. I love the idea that you can mix and match everything. If you buy two pairs of Linear series cases, why you can mix and match like eight combinations and it would look like you have EIGHT iPhone cases. The bad? Well, it feels a bit slippery to hold and adds a bit more weight to your phone. Also, I don't know if this holds true for other speaker docks but with the Linear case on, my iPhone 4 doesn't fit on my JBL radial Micro dock.

With 1 SGP Linear Color Case and an Option Frame, you can make it look like you have FOUR iPhone cases.

However, overall, for the price of $25, including a really awesome screen protector, I'd say the SGP Linear color series is every fashionista's dream.

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