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Top 5 best iPhone 5 cases that won't hide iPhone's design


Written on 10/11/2012 03:01:00 PM by poison_ivy

Let's face it, the iPhone 5 is one GORGEOUS phone. It's so beautiful that some tech pundits that have written it off before its launch actually retracted what they said and has now proclaimed it the best smartphone in the market. Naturally, you want to show off your 500 quid phone and going buff is the only way to go for it to be recognized as an iPhone 5 and not an iPhone 4. But, unfortunately, there's the scuffgate issue so most of us would opt for some sort of protection. Here are 5 cases that won't actually hide the fact that you're totting Apple's latest and greatest phone:

1) SGP Ultra thin Air (Crystal Clear/Soft)

The most distinguishing mark of the iPhone 5 is its aluminum back and if you opted for the black color, its edges. The SGP Ultra thin air shows off these distingushing marks since its a see-thru case plus its so thin that it won't add any extra bulk or weight to your phone. The SGP ultra crystal clear screen protector that comes with this case makes this case one of the best cases out there. SRP: $21.99

2) Griffin Reveal

The Griffin Reveal is also another see- thru case that won't hide the iPhone 5's gorgeous back design although its bumper-like side would add a bit of bulk for the phone though some people would prefer the rubber edges as it adds some protection when the phone is dropped. Also the fact that the rubber edges comes in different colors would sway the fashionistas in this case's direction. SRP: $19.99

3) Clear Bumper case

For some, a bumper case is still the way to go. It shows off the iPhone 5's back and provides side protection for the aluminum edges. The advantage of just having a bumper over the clear cases is that you don't have to worry about gunk accumulating inside the case and then scratching your phone in te long run. The clear bumper cases also shows off the black edges if you have the black model. SRP: £2.95

4) Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid EX

If you want Apple's colorful bumper cases but don't have the patience to wait if Apple will be releasing their official bumpers for the iPhone 5, the Neo Hybrid Ex is the next best thing. It offers the same quality as the Apple bumpers plus it includes a front and back screen protectors. Currently only yellow and black are available. SRP: $31.99

5) Full body skin + pouch / sleeve / leather wallet or flip case

Sometimes the temptation to go naked is just too great so what's an OCD to do? The next best thing to being naked is...clear skins. Take your pick, there's InvisibleShield, Wrapsol, Bodyguardz, Phantom Skinz, etc. Some might not be too keen on the wet install ones but Wrapsol and Bodyguardz offer dry installation solutions. If you want added protection against keys or coins when you put your phone in your pocket/purse, you can buy either a pouch, sleeve, flipcase or leather wallet, whatever you choose from these, its easy enough to whip out your naked phone at a moment's notice to show off to the world. Clear skins SRP: $20-$30.

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