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Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air Review


Written on 11/23/2012 02:06:00 PM by poison_ivy

As I've mentioned before, with the iPhone 5's new design, I'm now leaning towards slim and clear cases. I got this Spigen Ultra Thin Air, I was hoping for the clear one but its unavailable so I opted for the Soft model.

I was surprised and happy with the materials used. My previous clear case from Incase is made of hard plastic, the Soft Ultra Thin Air is made of soft bendable plastic so I'm not too worried about it accidentally breaking in two. The soft plastic also ensures that the iPhone 5's side won't get easily scratched when you snap it on.

As for the protection, considering that its a thin piece of plastic, don't get your hopes up that it would provide a lot of protection when you drop your phone a feet off the ground. It provides protection against scratches but since the top and bottom sides are open, its not a complete protection. In my case, I put in some plastic side protectors from SGP too so that I'll have piece of mind against scratches when I toss my phone in my purse.

Another downside is that the black ring on the camera hole in the back easily popped off after two days of use. Considering its $20 plus bucks, its really disappointing that this happened. Of course, I could always ask SGP for warranty but with the added shipping cost for returning it, I don't want all the hassle.

Overall, the SGP Ultra Thin Air is a good case to show off your iPhone's design that offers protection against  scratches. I've yet to review some of the other clear cases out there to compare this with.

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