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Quick Review: Samsung SGH-P520 Armani Phone


Written on 2/20/2008 04:38:00 PM by poison_ivy

When I first heard of the Samsung P520 Armani Phone, my first thought was that; every designer must be churning out their own mobile phones. First there was the LG Prada, then the Levi’s Original, and now the Samsung Armani Phone. So let’s have a look at the Samsung P520.

Quick Specs:

The Samsung SGH-P520 weighs only 85g and is about 9.9mm thin. The Samsung Armani phone is a sleek phone with a large, 2.6 inch touch screen. This device only runs on GSM 900, 1800, and 1900 network and only has Bluetooth and GPRS connection. The Samsung P520 Armani Phone also sports a 3 mega pixel camera, 60MB of internal memory and is expandable with a microSD slot.

What’s to like:

There’s no doubt that the Samsung SGH-P520 is one stylish phone that could even match the Apple iPhone. This phone has a nice metal and brass finish that evokes style and class. As a multimedia phone, the 2.6 inch screen with 262k colors will do when watching videos though the LG Prada and LG Viewty sports a larger screen. I also like the haptic feedback on the Samsung Armani Phone which is missing on the iPhone. As a music player, the Samsung SGH-P520 doesn’t offer a user friendly music interface. The cross interface takes a little time to get used to and changing tracks takes a little bit of time. The Samsung Armani phone also uses Samsung’s new port instead of the standard headphone jacks. Music playback quality is good but the phone’s slow performance would leave you irritated at times.

What’s to hate:

Like I said, the Samsung SGH-P520 suffers from slow performance. Everything takes a while from music playback to everything. The camera on the Samsung Armani phone, though it is 3 mega pixels lacks autofocus and though the camera has a variety of settings, picture quality still comes out washed and lacks saturation. If you’re looking for a stylish phone with lots of connectivity options, the Samsung P520 is not the phone for you. It lacks WiFi and 3G, plus it’s not even a quadband phone so if you’ll take this phone with you on your travels, be sure to check the network of the country you’re visiting.


The Samsung SGH-P520 Armani Phone though it exudes style from the phone’s design itself plus its name unfortunately is only that—a fashion phone. Don’t expect it to be a business phone or a camera phone because you’re going to be disappointed. The superior music playing capability may be an added plus but the slow phone response leaves something to be desired. All in all, there are more capable fashion phones in the market and the Samsung SGH-P520 Armani Phone should be at the bottom of your list.

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