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Cake Mania Mobile


Written on 6/29/2008 04:28:00 PM by poison_ivy

Here’s a mobile phone game that could help you kill time while you’re waiting for your dentists Glasgow to have you fitted with your invisalign, Cake Mania Mobile.

If you’re familiar with service type games such as Diner Dash, then you’ll definitely love Cake Mania. I’ve already finished the PC game but I’m still addicted to the mobile version.

With Cake Mania, you’re the owner of a bakeshop and you have to serve your customers with the exact cake that they order. Cakes come in different shapes and sizes and the action goes this way: first make the cake by clicking on the oven and matching the shape of the cake the customer wants, then place the cake on the icing machine and match the color of the icing and then when you have already purchased some upgrades, you also have to match the cake decorations.

Sounds easy enough and it is during the first levels but once customers start coming in and their cakes become more elaborate, that’s when your fingers are literally all over the place.

Cake Mania Mobile is definitely one of the top five casual games that you have to buy on your mobile phone.

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