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MP4 Players vs. Mobile Phones


Written on 10/15/2008 03:03:00 PM by poison_ivy

With the proliferation of all-in-one mobile phones with video playback capabilities, one wonders whether stand alone MP4 players and MP3 players still have a place in the market.

Simple answer: Yes. Look at the iPod, it’s still doing very well despite the fact that the there’s also the iPhone in the market. It’s because mobile phones, no matter how many features mobile phone manufacturers pack into these little device, can never be as good as their stand alone counterpart. Mobile phones can never really replace digital cameras, video recorders, or music players.

Some MP4 Players out on the market have dedicated graphics chip or sound cards so that some of them will always surpass the video playback and audio playback on some mobile phone. The only exception of course, is the iPhone which is just as good as an iPod (maybe because it’s never really a “phone” in the first place because of its sucky call quality).

Anyways, if you’re a real media addict and you can’t afford to buy those high end mobile phones that can double as an MP4/MP3 player, you can always opt for a cheap stand alone MP4 player and then just get the free mobile phone that comes with the contract your wireless carrier provided you.

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