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Best Mobile Phones of 2008


Written on 1/01/2009 08:17:00 AM by poison_ivy

Happy New Year everybody! I thought I might end 2008 with my own list of the best mobile phones that were RELEASED this 2008. I'm sure everybody has their own opinion of what might be the best and what might be best for you may not be included in this li'l old list of mine so feel free to add what's on your mind on the comment list.

Samsung Omnia

On top of my list is my own mobile phone, the Samsung Omnia. Okay, so call be biased but I really love this phone. The only thing I wish it has is a physical keyboard. Samsung has proved that a windows mobile phone can actually have a pretty decent camera (hear that, HTC?). And it actually does EVERYTHING and not just in a “so-so” way but it does everything good. The only other problem is that Samsung still hasn't released an SDK kit so that developers can make their own widgets to be placed on the Samsung Omnia widgets screen. I do hope that Samsung addresses this soon.

iPhone 3G

So Apple fanboys might argue that this should be number one and it should be if I were just judging on user interface alone because like I always say, there's still no other phone that can top the iPhone's smooth, multi-touch interface. However, the poor camera quality and not to mention the lack of multitasking capabilities has just placed this revolutionary phone on my second place list.

Blackberry Storm

RIM has proven that its presence in the smartphone market is not something that could be challenged. Rather than just release a touchscreen phone that's a copycat of the iPhone, RIM took its sweet time in developing a revolutionary capacitive smartphone and came out with the Blackberry Storm that has a very cool “clickthrough” interface. I personally loved the interface as I've mentioned in my short Blackbbery Storm Clickthrough review but I've read that there are others who's not so much into that. Oh well, you can't win them all just like Apple didn't win them all but kudos to RIM for trying to set itself apart.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

The first windows mobile phone that Sony Ericsson has released, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. This top of the line smartphone also made by HTC has captured the hearts of many winmo fanatics. It would have won me over except that it's not so much as touch friendly (maybe because of its raised bezel), and has no accelerometer. The poor camera quality has also dampened my enthusiasm for this phone but other than that, the X1's panels interface definitely earned this mobile phone a place in my best of 2008 list.

Google G1 Phone

I haven't actually gotten the chance to play with the Google G1 Phone so maybe that's why it only placed fifth on my list and the only reason being is that it's a Google Phone. The G1 also made headlines and though the waiting line when the G1 was first released wasn't as long as the iPhone's there are Google fanboys out there that might be angry with me if I didn't so much as mention the G1 Phone on my list. Anyways, the reviews I'm hearing about this phone are good though.

Sony Ericsson C905 / LG Renoir
Sony Ericsson C905 front

I didn't exactly know who announced their 8 megapixel mobile phone first, Sony Ericsson or LG so I have to place them together. 2008 has marked the release of the first 8 megapixel mobile phones. Aside from Sony Ericsson C905 and the LG Renoir, Samsung jumped the gun on them and first released their own 8 megapixel phone, the innov8. I didn't place the innov8 here because I can't really vouch for Samsung's track record when it comes to camera phones but both LG and Sony Ericsson did fairly well with their five megapixel phones, the LG Viewty and the Sony Ericsson K810i so I'm assuming that these two will come head to head in the 8 megapixel camera phone department.

Motorola ROKR E8

MotoROKR E8 Phone mode

First announced in CES 2008 and released the same year, the Motorola ROKR E8 is Motorola's own way of saying, hey, we're still here and we're still fighting. It's been a tough 2007 for Motorola and the E8 showed that the company is still capable of producing revolutionary mobile phones aside from churning out different versions of their RAZR phone line. You have to give the Moto E8 credit for its cool morphing interface and of course, since it's Motorola, the phone feature also works great as well.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Nokia's first touch screen mobile phone. Although Vodafone has announced that it would be releasing the 5800 XpressMusic in February 2009, a sim free version has already been circulating the UK since the last week of December. If you read my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Review, you'll know that I'm not quite impressed with the phone. It only has a resistive touch screen and the Touch friendly version of the Symbian OS didn't really do it much good. I'm sure a few firmware upgrades would make this mobile phone much more responsive but again, you have to give it to Nokia for giving in and joining the iPhone look-alike bandwagon.

HTC Touch Pro

I loved the HTC Touch Pro more than its Touch Diamond version. The TouchFlo 3D is more stable on this device and there's a TV Out option too not to mention a physical keyboard and a separate graphics card. The HTC Touch Pro proved that practice does makes perfect and the 2nd one's the charm. It learned from the mistakes of its Touch Diamond counterpart and is less buggy.

Samsung Soul

Samsung sgh-u900 front

Probably the only other non-smart phone of the bunch but why I love the Samsung Soul? Well, it has great audio made by bang and olufsen, and it's the first mobile phone I've encountered that features the face detection and smile detection technology on its camera. You have to give it to Samsung for making their mobile phones feature rich. The Samsung Soul also has touchpad interface which is also cool feature to be found on a slider phone.

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  1. Unknown |

    I love the omnia too and I want to buy it soon, but I've heard that when you make or record a video with the omnia there`s a sync problem between sound and image (lipsing) is that True? Also, some say that the voice recorder reproduces your voice like if you were Donald duck or something like that. My other two choises are HTC Touch pro and the Nokia 5800. Please help me decide. Thanks

  2. poison_ivy |

    Not true about the donald duck voice recording but true about the video recording feature. I don't know whether a rom update would fix this or if there is already a fix for this over at but not really bothered about it since I don't use the video recording function much.


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