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2009 New Phones


Written on 3/20/2009 08:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

So the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2009) had ended and I'm sure a lot of us are looking forward to cool new phones this 2009. For those who missed the Mobile World Congress, here are some of the mobile phones that you should look into.

Samsung Omnia HD

In my opinion, the Samsung Omnia HD is the highlight of the Mobile World Congress. The specs alone for the Samsung Omnia HD blew the competition away including my other favorites, the HTC Touch Diamond2 and the HTC Touch Pro2. Check my Samsung Omnia HD Overview to see what I'm talking about.

HTC Magic

The much awaited follow up for the Google G1 phone. The HTC Magic did away with their physical keyboard and went for the all-touch UI. The exclusion of a physical keyboard seems like a step backward for me but the HTC Magic will be a good training ground for the Android OS when it comes to the touch interface.

Sony Ericsson Idou

The Sony Ericsson Idou would definitely make you want to say “I do” to Sony Ericsson. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is Sony Ericsson's first venture to the all touch UI. Their previous touchscreen, the P-series, the W980i, and the Xperia X1 all features a touchscreen but all come with a physical keyboard. The Sony Ericsson's 3.5 inches screen is all touch and features 16 million colors. It has every goodies that one can expect from a multimedia phone, GPS, WiFi, HSDPA, accelerometer, microSD slot, stereo FM, and a whopping 12 megapixel camera. Yes, you read it right, 12 freakin megapixel. Not only that it has Xenon flash, autofocus, geo-tagging, face detection, and smile detection. Now if only Sony Ericsson is able to incorporate optical zoom then I can definitely say that the digital camera will soon be obsolete. The Sony Ericsson Idou is expected to be released in the 3rd Quarter of 2009.

HTC Touch Pro2

My other favorite phone of the newly announced phones for 2009, the HTC Touch Pro2. It's a much improved (design-wise) version of the HTC Touch Pro. Check my HTC Touch Pro2 overview to see if this phone will lure you in like what it did to me.

Nokia N97

The Nokia N97 is old news considering it has been announced last 2008. Release date for the Nokia N97 is slated in June so it's still a new mobile phone to look forward to this 2009. The Nokia N97 looks like the lovechild of HTC Touch Pro2 and HTC Magic. Specs are also nice for this device and hopefully, this would be a better touchscreen phone compared to the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

LG Arena

LG's main star for the MWC 2009 is the LG Arena. This phone will soon be available these upcoming months. Check my LG Arena Overview to see the specs. The LG Arena boasts a 3D interface and a Dolby surround for Mobile.

HTC Touch Diamond2

The HTC Touch Diamond2 only has an improved screen size and improved camera compared to its predecessor. CPU and RAM remains the same and there's also the improved TouchFlo 3D. The Touch Diamond2 didn't really grabbed my attention as much as the Touch Pro2 did since (for me anyways) all other aspects of this device are already on my Samsung Omnia.

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