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Samsung Omnia HD to Run Windows Mobile 6.5??!!!


Written on 3/20/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

OMG! All my dreams are coming true! According to unwiredview, a recent dealer event in Amsterdam showed the Samsung Omnia HD running Windows Mobile 6.5. If that is true, then all doubts of me getting the Omnia HD will evaporate!

Specs would probably be the same except for the Symbian OS though I don't know why would Samsung run two different OS on the same device. I mean, that would create a confusion especially for consumers who would be looking for specific games and applications for the Omnia HD. And what would they be naming the Omnia HD on winmo?

Other models for Samsung's 2009 lineup includes a touchscreen phone running Android. The details are pretty unclear especially since the source of the news has gone missing. But for Samsung's sake, I really do hope that they come up with an Omnia HD running Winmo or better yet, Omnia HD running winmo with QWERTY keyboard! Now THAT's a phone.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Awesome if the news is true! I so want to have the Omnia HD run windows 6.5.


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