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Hyundai's own mobile phone watch


Written on 3/10/2009 08:02:00 PM by poison_ivy

So, mobile phone watches aren't really anything new. In fact, I've previously blogged about China made mobile phone watches. But of course, nobody seems to notice these nifty little gadgets until corporations started slapping their own brand names on it. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I'm one of those people who's crazy enough to feel secured in buying from well known brands rather than OEM products.

Anyways, LG has announced their mobile phone watch way back and now Hyundai is touting their own mobile phone watch. The good news is that Hyundai's phone watch is much cheaper comapred with LG's. According to reports, the Hyundai MB-910 will only sell for £200 sim-free while LG's phone watch will be retailing at £1000. Hmm, not bad considering that China phone watch are in that same price range.

As to when the Hyundai MB-910 will be available, we have yet to hear from Hyundai.

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