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Howard Stern Chooses RIM over Palm


Written on 4/07/2009 08:00:00 PM by poison_ivy

LOL. I just love it when marketing strategies of some manufacturers backfire on their face. Howard Stern, a well-known satellite radio host in the US previously stated that he was looking for a new phone to replace his old Palm device. Naturally, Palm stepped in and offered him to have a look at their new Palm Pre.

Well, in the end, Stern chose the Blackberry Bold over the Pre. His reason? He said that the inability to use Lotus Notes was the dealbreaker. Ouch!!! Stern is a long-time Treo user but he's embarrassed to show his phone because he said that the technology is old.

I just can't help laughing so hard. Palm is trying to create a buzz about their Pre by getting celebrities to try it out. Why can't they just make a reputable reviewer like CNET or Engadget get their hands on the thing? That way, they won't get slapped in their faces when a celebrity who only uses only one phone function (like Howard, who probably only uses his phone for the Lotus Notes), decides that they don't like the Pre. The Pre is literally Palm's saviour. They should do a good job of marketing the damn thing.


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