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My Thoughts on Samsung Omnia's New Widgets and ROM


Written on 4/07/2009 08:00:00 AM by poison_ivy

Okay,so ever since I've found out that Samsung Omnia has new widgets, I eagerly downloaded the new ROM. And after several failed attempts at updating my ROM, I've finally managed to do it and now my Omnia is running the latest firmware.

And now, you may ask: So, what's new with the ROM? Well first, I've got an improved battery life, screen rotation with the accelerometer is much more faster and smooth, the settings menu from the Main Menu option has undergone the Samsung Touchwiz makeover, responsiveness is a bit improved, the video camera bug wherein there's a voice lag has also been fixed, and yes, there are new widgets.

Now for the widgets, you can now have the option of downloading new widgets from Samsung's website but most of them are "online widgets" which means you need to have a data plan in order to gain access to these widget's functions. You now also have the option of removing widgets from the widget bar and only placing those you frequently use. I like the fact that Samsung added a messaging widget which would automatically bring up the write message window instead of you pressing start, then messages.

All in all, I guess these new improvements is worth all the anxiety that comes with updating your ROM on your own. I just wish that Samsung would add more widgets, preferably, a notepad widget similar on the S8300 which will allow me to see the notes that I've written.

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