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Samsung Omnia II i8000 Gets Video Review


Written on 7/03/2009 02:50:00 PM by poison_ivy

The Samsung Omnia II i8000 is appealing to me more and more and I'm still torn between it and the Samsung B7610. And now this video review of the Omnia II pops up and I'm even more torn. The Samsung i8000 looks REALLY yummy and Samsung really did a good job of hiding its the WinMo OS, kinda like what HTC did with their TouchFlo 3D v.2.5. Here are some of the highlights. Video at the end courtesy of Samsung HDBlog.

Cube Interface

Remember that cube interface that Samsung copied from LG Arena and put on their Samsung Jet? Well, it's on the Samsung Omnia II and it looks REALLY nice on the i8000's 3.7 inch screen.

Three Homescreens

Like on the Android, the Samsung Omnia i8000 also has three homescreens which you can customized with widgets. You can change the homescreen by sweeping your finger left or right.

Customizeable Menu

Again, as with the Samsung Jet, you can customized your Menu Screen with your favorite applications. Samsung opted for a black background this time instead of white, I don't know whether to make the Samsung Omnia II more iPhone-like or just to make the interface more sleek.

Hidden Windows Mobile

You will hardly recognize that you're holding a Windows Mobile device since the latter is buried deep within TouchWiz. Even the Messaging application is all Samsung together with the Calendar.

Palm Pre-like "cards" or Xperia X1-like panels

Remember the "cards" application on the Palm Pre or the Xperia X1's panels? Samsung has a similar application only it's a taskmanager. You just press the center button and it would bring up the taskmanager which would bring up previews of all open applications. Now this application I like.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there have been reports that the Samsung Omnia II i8000 will already run Windows Mobile 6.5 when it will be released in Austria come September so I don't know if Samsung's TouchWiz would bury Winmo 6.5 or the latter would not be compatible with the former. We'll just have to wait and see.

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  1. Anonymous |

    Ohhh, sexy screen. I wonder if I can get that wallpaper on my old Omnia? I know the colors won't be as vivid but it's REALLY nice.

  2. Anonymous |

    I like their new task manager. I wonder if like the Palm Pre, these are running applications and not just screenshots.


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