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Samsung Tocco Lite Cutting Calls


Written on 8/03/2009 05:46:00 PM by poison_ivy

Okay, so after a ton of comments on my Samsung Tocco Lite review regarding some customers experiencing calls being cut in the middle of a conversation, I've decided to create a sepate post about it.

Well, it seems that the problems of calls being disconnected is mostly being experienced by persons who bought their units from carphone warehouse and majority of who are in the O2 network.

Those who've bought their Tocco Lite from Vodafone and other sources have not experienced any problems and are actually pretty satisfied with their mobile phones.

So if you really want to purchase the Samsung Tocco Lite, save yourself the problem of disconnected calls and try not to buy from carphone warehouse (only for this particular model) or if you're on O2, try to get another phone model instead as your upgrade (try the Samsung Galaxy).

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