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How to turn on front camera on Samsung Phones


Written on 3/03/2010 03:06:00 PM by poison_ivy

Someone from the comments section asked how to take pictures with the front camera of the Samsung Genio Slide or Samsung CorbyPro as it is known outside the UK. Well, I don't know about taking pictures, but you can turn on the front camera (if your phone has one) from most Samsung phones using a series of codes. You can probably use it to check your image if your reflection on the screen isn't clear enough.

Anyways, on your Samsung Phone's phonepad, type in: *#0*#. An LCD Test screen should appear, choose CIFcam (it's in the middle) and you should be able to turn on the front camera. I tried touching the screen and it seems to take a still picture though I don't know what folder it is saved. Maybe touching the screen doesn't take a picture at all. To exit, just press the end button or the home button on your phone.

Why is this useful? Well, a lot of people just wants the option to turn on the front camera on their Samsung phone just to make sure its working since not all countries support video calling without actually making a video call and some Samsung phones don't have the option to turn on the front camera.

Again, this trick should work on most Samsung Touchscreen phones. It worked on the CorbyPro, Samsung i8910 HD, and Samsung B7610.

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  1. Anonymous |

    it works on samsung monte (s5620)

  2. Anonymous |

    works on i550. but how to take pictures using this code? did you already discovered it?

  3. Sadboii |

    it works on Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) :D

  4. Jithin Saji |

    it really works on the wave(8500).. amazing.. thanks!!

  5. Unknown |

    thanx for the help but maybe the front camera is more useful as a mirror..
    it sure helps me before meeting my clients!!

  6. Anonymous |

    cool, it works on galaxy s gt-i9000 too

  7. Anonymous |

    it worked on S8500 but still i cannot take any pictue thru VGA cam and how to use it from settings?


    thanx!! i relly needed it.
    Its working on Samsung monte..

  9. SJK |

    working on my newly purchased monte... thanksss

  10. aman | i hope you have lots of these things,pls share it with us too,b'coz sharing spreads knowledge.

  11. Anonymous |

    Thanks alot, it works on my samsng jet.

  12. Anonymous |

    great trick...
    works well on my samsung gt s8500 wave....

  13. Anonymous |

    Works on Samsung Wave S8500, many thanks

  14. Krestian |

    Works on the Samsung Star (S5230), although there is no front camera all the other options are there. Awesome! thank you.

  15. Anonymous |

    It works on my samsung monte. I tried to take some pictures on my front cam but it seems like it was not saved in any of my folders.

  16. Unknown |

    its working tks....

  17. Bravo |

    works on my s8530 as well..

  18. Unknown |

    thanks for code *#0*# its working in samsung monte s5620.

  19. ritch |

    works on
    omnia i900v

  20. Anonymous |

    pressing menu key & lock key simultainously will help you to capture the sceern shot in samsung wave 2 for saving your pictures from front camera....

  21. Vinod |

    It works on samsung monte, thanks

  22. Anonymous |

    Yes it works on BT 5310 corby Pro

  23. Anonymous |

    Thanks!!Works on Wave2 8530.

  24. Anonymous |

    thank you for your info... that is very informative... :)

  25. Anonymous |

    it works on Samsung Ultratouch :).
    Can't take pics though haha

  26. wave lover |

    no doubt it works :)

  27. Anonymous |

    it works on wave 2 8530....

  28. Anonymous |

    You can take a screenshot with your Samsung Wave S8500 by holding the ‘Home’ button and instantly pressing the ‘Lock key’. Go to My Files > Images to see the saved screenshots.

  29. Karthik |

    it's very helpful....thanks for the code.....

  30. Anonymous |

    Thanks a lot. it works on samsung monte (s5620)

  31. Prakash, trichy |

    thank you. its working in samsung hero 3213 also.
    again thankyou

  32. kashmitha |

    thanks for code

  33. Anonymous |

    My samsung gt b7722i doesnt give the option of that ca Any other help?

  34. enf724 |

    does it work on the samsung galaxy captivia i897?

  35. Anonymous |

    it doesn't work on samsung gt 16410, or i just didn't get it


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