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Must have best apps for the HTC Desire Z


Written on 4/10/2011 02:23:00 PM by poison_ivy

I know a lot of people are probably writing off the HTC Desire Z if they're looking for a new android phone since with only an 800 MHz processor, how can it compete with the 1 GHz processors of its competitors and some already have dual core processors to boot. Well, if you download my list of must have apps for the HTC Desire Z then you can be sure that this phone can compete with the latest phones this year and maybe even next.

Apps that let you overclock your Desire Z's processor

New or potential owners of the HTC Desire Z should definitely overclock their phones to around 1.4 GHz speed as it would definitely give your phone an added speed boost. The apps needed are listed on my How to overclock HTC Desire Z post. The good thing about that tutorial is that you're not voiding the warranty of your mobile phone since you will only be temporary rooting your device. If anything goes wrong and you have to take your Desire Z for service, you can just unroot and then restore to factory defaults and no one will be the wiser. By overclocking your HTC Desire Z to 1.4 GHz your device can now compete with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus S, and even the soon to be released Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc and Play.


This is a file explorer and file compression app. The great thing about having this app is if you download a zip file from the internet, you don't have to connect to your PC in order to view the file. You can just do so within your phone. This app is also useful if you wan to send multiple files or photos and attach them on an email. You can just compress the files and attach the zip file on your email. It will definitely save your data charges.

Bluetooth File Transfer

This app is why Android is better than the iPhone IMO. With this app, you can send and receive files wireslessly from your bluetooth enabled compatible device to your HTC Desire Z. Quite a useful app for those who like me, are too lazy to be bothered with wires.

Skyfire Browser

Although the browser on the HTC Desire Z is already adequate considering it already has Flash built in another browser is a must-have for power users and the Skyfire Browser is the next best browser in the Android market. Why do you need a second browser? Well, its for those who, like me, have multiple accounts on various websites and needs a separate browser to open up these accounts.

FPSE for Android

This is a playstation emulator for Android. There is another playstation emulator in the market, psx4droid and it's free but IMO this one is better if you have the HTC Desire Z as it lets you map the keys with your keyboard. I could never get the key mapping to work on psx4droid. It's a must have app since with the Xperia Play already out in the market, this app will let you compete head to head with the Xperia Play plus you don't have to wait for Sony to release compatible games since if you already have the original playstation games, all you have to do is create an ISO file and transfer it to your phone, or you know, do a google search for ROMs, that is, if your conscience will allow you.

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  1. kids events in boston |

    Well the apps look good. I will get these apps soon. I will keep looking for reviews.

  2. Marty from Sydney |

    how do you get the key mapping to work on the analogue keyboard? i've got fpse on the desire z and its not working for me :/


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