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Written on 4/05/2011 02:35:00 PM by poison_ivy

I don't know if it has been around for a while or if it's just new but it seems that there's an O2 YouTube Channel called O2 Guru where it features some how-to videos as well as some reviews of the available smartphones from O2.

The YouTube channel already has a lot of videos uploaded, varying in length and topics. You can find videos from mundane things such as how to swipe between the homescreens of your iPhone, iPhone email setup, to the more advanced, putting your iPhone into recovery mode.

Honestly, most of the how to videos can be learned if you just read the manual of your phone but as some people say, a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case, a video is worth a thousand more. So these videos may be useful for those who have trouble understanding the instructions in a manual.

As for the reviews, well, don't expect anything in depth as a one and a half minute video review of the HTC HD7 doesn't really cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision, besides, I don't think O2 can make an unbiased review considering that they're selling these phones and they'll probably have trouble with the manufacturer if they make a bad review.

Overall, I think the O2 Guru YouTube Channel would be very useful for beginners and its the next best thing rather than going down to your nearest O2 store to troubleshoot your problems.

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