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Accelerometer Games and Applications for Samsung Omnia


Written on 10/06/2008 12:45:00 PM by poison_ivy

I was starting to wonder whether I made the right choice of buying the Samsung Omnia over the HTC Diamond or the Touch Pro. It’s because there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated team of developers making cooked ROMs or new applications for the Omnia, unlike the HTC which has a dedicated forum over at XDA-Developers. Well, it’s thanks to people like speleomaniac over at, that my second thoughts are quickly vanishing.

Speleomaniac made an HTC emulator that would make it possible to play some of the HTC Touch Diamond’s sensor games. I’ve already tried out Lunar Tilt and G-Invaders and they work great. I just had to turn off the motion sensor so that the screen won’t keep turning to landscape mode every time I tilt the screen. You can find the link to the working games and the download link for the HTC G-sensor emulator on page two of the thread. Just unzip the dll files and copy and paste it to the Windows Folder of your device by using File Explorer.

I’m also thankful to Klaxxon, who made a G-Sensor enabled Alarm Clock that works for the Omnia. You don’t need the HTC dll files so you should remove them before downloading the G-Sensor Alarm so that it will work for the Omnia. I think he also made an application that will allow Touch Diamond developers to make applications that also work for the Omnia.

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  1. Anonymous |

    How do you get the 2 fies into windows folder as when i put them on storage card there not there so i cant move them to windows file Please Help

  2. poison_ivy |

    Like I've mentioned, you need to use the file explorer on the omnia. Copy the dll files to your storage card using activesync or a card reader then using the file explorer, browse to your memory card and look for the dll files, copy them and then, still using the file explorer, find the windows folder under "device" and then paste.

  3. FeRnZ |

    Where can I download these games??? Please post the url.

  4. poison_ivy |

    Click on the link and search the thread for the download links. You have to register in order to view the files.

  5. Anonymous |

    check out Pocket Puzzle for Samsung Omnia


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