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Windows App Store Pricing and info


Written on 3/12/2009 01:27:00 PM by poison_ivy

So you've probably heard that Microsoft is currently working on its own Windows App Store, well Microsoft released a few more details about their "Windows Marketplace".

Apparently, Microsoft will be charging developers $99 a year to become registered plus another $99 for each application they submit. Aside from that, they will also be taking a hefty 30 percent cut from the price of the application.

Now I don't really know how Apple's App Store works but seeing the numbers charged, I wonder if windows mobile users would ever see a .99 cent application or games. Windows games and applications range from $5 to $25 with some freeware apps popping up now and then. I really wish Microsoft would loosen up on developers so that we can see great apps like the ones on Apple's App Store. Developers can start registering in Spring and start submitting their applications on Summer.

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    I want a fart App for my Omnia!


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